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    Super, Natural (Gas)

    July 15, 2013 by Gerry Frechette

    Natural gas is the way to go for fleet operators

  • News CAR Fleet

    Green design awards for BMW

    July 9, 2012 by CAR staff

    Three concept cars honoured

  • Asking the right questions

    February 29, 2012 by Jacob Stoller

    What purchasers need to know about sustainable cleaning—(From the Jan/Feb 2012 print edition)

  • News Fleet

    NAFA seeking nominations for sustainable fleet awards

    February 3, 2011 by Fleet Management staff

    NAFA Fleet Management Association offers the Sustainable Fleet Awards, which are presented annually to those whose business practices are providing for the sustainability of the environment for future generations.

  • SCL formalizes agreement with Partners in Project Green

    June 30, 2010 by Purchasingb2b staff

    Toronto—Supply Chain & Logistics Canada (SCL) has formed a partnership with Partners in Project Green, to allow members of each association to access each other’s programs at no extra cost. The two groups will also work together to leverage sustainability

  • A greener way to clean

    April 23, 2010 by Deanna Rosolen

    An auto dispensing/dilution control system—which mixes environmentally safe chemicals with water—is just one of the green cleaning systems adopted by Algoma University.Photo: Enviro-Solutions Ltd Algoma University in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario has started cleaning green. The university has a history