CWT/IBS research focuses on reducing travel spend

Combining logistics and commercial travel offers potential benefits for companies

November 15, 2016
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Houston—CWT Energy, Resources & Marine and IBS Software Services said that it has launched a report showing how companies can cut their travel spend by up to 15 percent and reduce overall travel arrangement times by up to 75 percent.

The white paper, Mining for Savings in Travel & Logistics, explores the opportunities and challenges of consolidating logistics and corporate travel, a growing trend in the energy, resources and marine industry. The disconnect between the two worlds of logistics and commercial travel can sometimes compel companies to make decisions that increase the cost of their overall operations.

“Increasingly, companies in the energy, resources and marine sectors are looking for ways to reduce costs amid the prolonged uncertainty in global markets and volatile oil prices,” said Raphael Pasdeloup, senior vice president, Global Program Solutions-CWT Energy, Resources & Marine. “Despite significant spending cuts, travel remains a key function for these companies to maintain their operations at rigs, fields or mines, which still have to be serviced by crews year round. This is making them look for additional savings by managing their logistics and business travel as a single process.”

Combining logistics and commercial travel presents many potential benefits for companies, the white paper notes. Consolidation can make bookings more efficient, simplify reporting, increase traveller compliance and safety and improve the ability to handle last minute changes, which can produce costs savings.

“Centralizing and managing the process from end to end can help companies gain more control over each of their travellers’ trips,” said Peter Brady, vice president, Asia Pacific and Global Products, CWT Energy Resources and Marine. “This includes better visibility of worker certifications, end-to-end itinerary management and more. As leaders in the corporate travel and logistics space, CWT and IBS are in a strong position to support companies looking to streamline their travel processes.”


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