Business travellers expect to manage travel on all devices: survey

Survey highlights desire for technology access and cross-device integration

July 13, 2017
Purchasing B2B

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Egencia, the business travel arm of the Expedia group, has announced the results of its 4th edition Egencia Business Travel and Technology Survey, highlighting the increasing desire by business travellers for technology access and cross-device integration, along with greater productivity offerings, on the road.

Instead of incentives such as priority boarding and airport lounge access topping business travellers’ wish lists, the study revealed travellers are looking to technology to make the corporate travel journey more productive and manageable.

Accessibility is a key theme to stay productive: two-thirds (66 percent) of business travellers across regions want to manage and book their business travel on every mobile device, not just on their smartphone.

Additionally, 50 percent of global respondents would avoid human interaction on the road unless they are having a problem and more than half (56 percent) of global respondents simply want access to business travel tools to do more on mobile in general.

According to the survey, business travellers are optimistic when it comes to technology’s role in improving their business travel experience:

  1. 48 percent would like to use text to update their travel arrangements—highest among U.S. business travelers (63 percent);
  2. 43 percent believe advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) will help improve their travel experiences—highest among U.S. business travelers (55 percent)

While many business travellers (70 percent) find business trips more enjoyable than everyday work life, according to the Egencia white paper, Control: Find out what it means to your travelers, there are still incremental changes that can be made to increase overall satisfaction on the road—and it starts with productivity enhancements. Blurring the lines between business and pleasure, non-stop flights and in-flight Wi-Fi ranked high among business travellers as perks that would increase both their productivity and satisfaction.

Rounding out the top four amenities business travellers cited to improve productivity and satisfaction are extra time off to compensate for travelling on weekends and/or personal time and class upgrades on flights longer than six hours.