What colour is your car?

When it comes to current cars in Canada, silver/grey is by far the most popular.

October 9, 2011
by CAR staff

Canadian Automotive Review, Print Edition: SEPTEMBER 2011

When it comes to current cars in Canada, silver/grey (22.3 percent) is by far the most popular, with black (14.1 percent), blue (13.6 percent) then red (11.6 percent) well behind. Possibly due to our messy winter weather conditions, white, often a top warm-climate pick, is a distant fifth choice (6.9 percent).  Rounding out the choices are green (six percent), gold (3.8 percent) and orange (0.4 percent). Eleven percent of Canadians surveyed chose a colour other than those listed. The survey was conducted by Leger Marketing for Ford Motor Company.

“People form an emotional connection with colour and there is something very personal to buyers about the hue of their cars,” says Susan Swek, Ford’s chief designer, colour and materials. “Our internal research shows up to 40 percent of car buyers say they would walk out of a dealership if they couldn’t buy a car in the colour they wanted.”

She provides some specific attributes associated with the top five colour choices in Canada, and shares insight as to what that communicates about the car, and, by extension, the driver inside:

Silver – “Since silver and grey are technical colours, they communicate a sense of aspiration and at times, an embrace of futurism.”

Black – “Overall, black communicates strength, aspiration and a respect for the classic and the elegant.”

Blue – “Darker blue is perceived as more traditional. However, a bright or light blue is the opposite and is seen as the least ‘classic’ of the other colour groups.”

Red – “A colour which screams sporty and energetic but in certain shades can also be associated with distinction.”

White – “White is clean and modern. Premium specialty whites are also associated with luxury and ‘premium-ness’.”