Ram Commercial launches virtual upfitting tool

Buyers can virtually walk around vehicle and view inside to assess options

May 24, 2017
Purchasing B2B

From the April 2017 print edition

Ram Commercial has announced two new programs for commercial upfitters, dealers and customers in viewing, certifying and installing truck-mounted products: Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator and Q Pro.

The Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator is a computer-generated visual program for upfitters and dealers to virtually showcase several solutions. Prospective buyers have the opportunity to virtually walk around the vehicle and view inside to assess options via computer simulation. Originally offered on the Ram ProMaster full-size van, the configurator has now expanded to the Ram ProMaster City and the entire Ram Chassis Cab line (3500, 4500 and 5500).

Q Pro is a new qualification process for upfitters to certify their product with Ram Engineering. Q Pro allocates Ram Engineering resources to survey, make recommendations and certify upfitter products. Once certified, the upfitter uses Ram’s Q Pro co-brand to help market their product.

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