Nissan donates engines [CAR June 2012 print edition]

Twelve motors for Algonquin College

July 4, 2012
by Canadian Automotive Review staff

From the June 2012 print edition of Canadian Automotive Review.

Nissan Canada Inc donated 10 brand-new engines to the Mechanical and Transportation Technology department at Algonquin College. The new motors, worth approximately $30,000, will be used by students in Algonquin College’s motive power programs.

“We are so thankful that our students can study and practice on brand new engines, and ones which are predominant in the market,” said Misheck Mwaba, academic chair for the Mechanical and Transportation Technology department. “Our students need to keep pace with the latest technology in place in the automotive industry today, and this donation will help them do just that.”

The Nissan engines will be put to use through Algonquin College’s Motive Power Technician program in the school’s state-of-the-art Transportation Technology Centre.

“Nissan’s support of automotive training programs such as the one at Algonquin College, are an important aspect of Nissan’s charitable efforts,” said Allen Childs, president of Nissan Canada. “We are very proud to support these academic programs which ensure that future automotive workers are familiar with some of the best examples of innovation in the industry.”

Nissan Canada’s relationship with Algonquin College dates back to 2006, when Nissan Canada and three local dealers all stepped up to help address the shortage of skilled trades at the time through a donation to the Algonquin College Foundation and the College’s Transportation Technology Centre. These donations helped build the College’s Transportation Technology Centre, and served to establish the Nissan Canada Inc Bursary, available to students in the College’s Motive Power Technician Program.

This latest donation is only one of the ways Nissan Canada brings life to Nissan’s global corporate social responsibility vision of “Improving life in the communities in which Nissan operates”. Together they help ensure the Canadian automotive industry will continue to have a steady supply of skilled and job-ready professionals.

At a local level, this has translated into support for institutions like Algonguin College’s Transportation Technology Centre dedicated to the development of the next generation of automotive professionals. Today, the Nissan Canada Foundation supports over 35 organizations across Canada.