Wireless Matrix

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Wireless Matrix

Telematics Solutions

Wireless Matrix provides a powerful solution for capturing and monitoring vehicle telematics:

FleetOutlook®, Wireless Matrix’s GPS vehicle tracking application, is a fleet management suite that features real-time vehicle location, mapping and status updates; two-way text communications between drivers and dispatchers; work order integration; plus dynamic alerts and reports that give detailed insight into driver operations.

The soon-to-be-released Reporter R30 OBD II device, which provides telematics data from the vehicle to FleetOutlook, is a state-of-the-art, self-contained communication unit that combines GPS and cellular radios and antennas with an OBD II interface. The R30 plugs directly into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port to provide vehicle operational data, from diagnostic codes to fuel measurements.

The result is an integrated solution that gives accurate, actionable data on where vehicles travel and how they are driven. FleetOutlook arms fleet operators with hard data that points the way to improvements in operational costs, vehicle maintenance, driver safety and more.

Telematics Tips

Given the number of data points that can be captured by FleetOutlook, the first step is deciding what you should measure. What are your pain points?  Where are you losing money?

Telematics measurement offers two key strengths: it provides a benchmark of where your operations are right now, with hard data that illustrates potential improvements; and the ability to monitor progress towards realizing those improvements. For example, once you know that, on average, your vehicles are idling 40 per cent of the time – a serious waste of your fuel budget – you can manage idle reduction with ongoing telematics measurements.

Use telematics data to identify how you need to change driver behavior to achieve true savings.


Michael Jakab, Vice President,Sales