Webtech Wireless

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Webtech Wireless

Telematics Solutions

WebTech Wireless is Canada’s largest provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology. We develop, manufacture and support end-to-end wireless solutions that improve the productivity, profitability, environmental compliance and safety of vehicle fleets. Our comprehensive suite of products and services include: automatic vehicle location (AVL), mapping, vehicle diagnostics, CO2 reporting, navigation, messaging, and mobile resource management. We serve customers of all sizes in the transport, government, service, insurance and OEM markets in over forty-one countries, including Fortune 500 companies. Specialized products include: Quadrant® commercial fleet solutions, InterFleet® solutions for government, and NextBus® real-time passenger information services for transit fleets.

Telematics Tips

The secret to a successful telematics implementation is to choose a system that is adaptable and customizable to a company’s specific needs. Some companies may only require relatively simple track and trace capabilities, in which case an economic and reliable system is all that is necessary. On the other end of the spectrum are companies that require features such as workforce and job management or specialized devices to monitor various other telemetry data, such as the temperature of a vehicle compartment, power takeoff use, door lock/unlock, etc. Since Webtech Wireless is one of the few end-to-end providers of such services, we have a tremendous ability to tailor an LBS/telematics solution to each customer.
In our experience, once fleet managers have seen some of the most immediate and tangible benefits of using telematics – such as lower fuel use from decreased idling and speeding – they quickly start to see the many other areas where telematics can help improve efficiencies in their operation. Since our systems allow a fleet manager to add many layers of functionality, many fleet operations begin with relatively simple, economical systems that they can then add to over time.


Harald Fritz, VP Sales, Quadrant Fleet Solutions
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