Trackem GPS

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Trackem GPS

Telematics Solutions

Trackem® is a simple GPS tracking solution that uses the integrated GPS in your smartphone or an in-vehicle modem.  Trackem monitors your location/speed/direction and vehicle status in real-time, allowing you to locate your team right from your smartphone or our web interface.  Trackem will store the GPS information allowing you to look at the details of your business when it is convenient for you. Real-time reports of your fleet’s activity can be downloaded in multiple formats.  Receive instant alerts via email or SMS when your specific parameters are violated.
Installation can be done in many ways; plug-and-play through the OBD port or covertly installed modems.  You can also monitor smartphones in your fleet as an alternative option.
Trackem incorporates practical tools designed to enforce employee accountability, increase efficiency and customer service, reduce operational costs, fuel, labour and maintenance while increasing security, safety and the number of jobs completed every day. Provide your fleet operators and managers with the data they require to increase revenue and decrease costs.

Telematics Tips

Use the Trackem team’s experience to understand where and how we can help your team improve, reduce and eliminate. Trackem helps manage your mobile work force and measure your successes and failures. Trackem gives you the data and insight required to manage and make changes to your business; however it is up to you to implement the changes.


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