Sky-Trax, Inc.

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Sky-Trax, Inc.

Telematics Solutions

Sky-Trax is the leading provider of patented Optical Real-Time Location Systems for tracking all indoor assets and inventory in any size facility. Specializing in indoor, inch-accurate, real-time warehouse location solutions, Sky-Trax solves some of the most stubborn problems and costly inefficiencies existing in warehousing and material handling operations. With complete visibility to detailed vehicle and inventory movement and location, Sky-Trax solutions provide the tools necessary to drive rapid gains in labor productivity, fleet optimization, inventory accuracy and safety within operations. Exclusive Sky-Trax software applications, that capture and display real-time location data by the second and to the inch, give you the ability to lower costs, improve productivity and enhance the return-on-investment from your inventory, labor and warehouse management solution investments. The results are much lower operating costs, improved inventory accuracy, greater throughput and complete visibility of your operations.

Telematics Tips

For managing your indoor fleets, telematics products are best used to address all of the costs associated with low efficiency, low productivity, lost inventory and safety. These costs represent a form of untapped profit that managers can free up for higher revenues and a competitive advantage. For example, by investing in a telematics product that provides complete real-time visibility of where each asset is and what it is doing, managers can retrieve rich, reliable audit data that includes what each truck has done, where it has been and its utility. With this kind of data, fleet managers have the data and tools they need  to right-size their fleets, reduce capital expenses by 10 per cent or more and capitalize on the hidden profit within their facilities.


Sarah Brisbin, Vice President of Marketing