Shaw Tracking

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Shaw Tracking

Telematics Solutions

Tri-Mode Hardware Capabilities: Cellular, Satellite and Wi-Fi

Automated Hours of Service: Manage your fleet more efficiently. With Automated Hours of Service, Shaw Tracking has streamlined record keeping through an electronic on-board recorder system (EOBR) that automatically records driver logs that are fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations of Transport Canada and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

In-Cab Navigation: Get where you’re going, safely and on time, while reducing empty and out-of-route miles. Accurate routes enable increased productivity, safer driving, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Shaw Tracking’s In Cab Navigation application provides accurate, up-to-date, approved interactive maps for increased routing efficiency and improved driver satisfaction.

Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager: Reduce fuel consumption. With ever increasing fuel costs, what can you do to manage consumption and improve your bottom line? With the Shaw Tracking Performance Monitoring and Fuel Manager component, fleets will reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 30 per cent annually per truck by tracking and managing vehicle and driver behaviour.

In-Cab Scanning: Improve document management. The Shaw Tracking In-Cab Scanning service enables drivers to scan and transmit important documents from the cab of their truck. Eliminate wasted time, extra stops and the fees paid to copy, scan, fax or mail documents, while improving driver and back-office efficiency.

Telematics Tips

The transportation industry is moving faster than ever. Technology, data, knowledge, and improved processes are coming together to drive profitability and put your transportation firm in a leadership position. Be willing to assess your current operational environment, be open to change and new operational development strategies, and adapt. Refine your processes and best practices and find out how your ROI-driven solutions work best for your individual company. Shaw Tracking is committed to providing the technology and working with you to drive the processes that increase profitability.


Mike Ham, Vice President