Service deal for MV-1

Accessible vehicles will be cared for by NAPA AUTOPRO

November 22, 2012
by Fleet Management staff

TORONTO—NAPA AUTOPRO and MV-1 Canada are teaming up to meet the needs of wheelchair users and the people who transport them.

MV-1 Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the MV-1, the first factory-built mobility vehicle engineered from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility. The MV-1 provides an accessible vehicle to fleets, municipalities and individuals with physical disabilities and their families.

With this agreement, NAPA AUTOPRO will now provide MV-1 warranty service and maintenance to MV-1 customers.

Typically new vehicle companies associate with a national car dealership to handle sales, distribution and servicing. MV-1 Canada has approached this model differently, separating sales from maintenance and warranty service.

“This innovative arrangement between NAPA AUTOPRO and MV-1 Canada changes how the MV-1 will be serviced in Canada” says John Walsh, CEO of VPG, Vehicle Production Group, the US manufacturer of the MV-1. “I am very excited and proud of Canada’s unique approach”.

By uniting with NAPA AUTOPRO, MV-1 customers will receive maintenance and repair at convenient locations all across Canada. “NAPA is very excited to have selected locations certified to provide warranty service, parts and maintenance for the MV-1 in Canada” says Chris Thorne, NAPA AUTOPRO national director.

The MV-1 features a unique deployable access ramp, a spacious entryway, and a large interior that accommodates a wheelchair and six passengers comfortably. The MV-1 has a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powertrain option to reduce operating expenses and carbon emissions and comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty.