Saskatchewan tow trucks get blue lights

Saskatchewan government says it's the first jurisdiction to introduce two-colour lighting combination

April 11, 2017
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press

REGINA—Tow truck drivers in Saskatchewan say using blue lights along with amber lights on their trucks will improve safety.

With the unanimous support of the legislature, the Saskatchewan government introduced and passed legislation allowing tow truck operators add the blue lights.

The move comes after tow truck operator Courtney Schaefer was killed March 7 while working on a roadside near the Gerald area during a blizzard.

The Saskatchewan government says it’s the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce a two-colour lighting combination for tow trucks—others use amber lights only.

Harv Britton, vice-president of the Roadside Responders Association of Saskatchewan, says operators experience close calls every day on the road.

Britton says many other vehicles have amber lights and adding blue lights to tow trucks will help increase their visibility.

“We’ve been clipped by vehicle mirrors as they whiz past us. Pylons outlining our safety zone at roadside have been run over,” said Britton Thursday.

“People just don’t seem to see the flashing amber lights. Adding the blue will make us more noticeable and help keep operators safe.”