Purolator doubles hybrid electric fleet

Purolator adds 200 hybrid electric vehicles to its Canadian fleet.

December 3, 2010
by Purchasingb2b Staff

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia: Purolator is adding 200 hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) to its fleet throughout Canada—nearly doubling the company’s hybrid electric vehicle fleet, which it claims is the largest fleet of hybrid electric vehicles for a logistics company in North America.

“As our company turns 50, Purolator is proud to continue to lead the industry towards green alternatives,” said Tom Schmitt, Purolator’s president and CEO. “In 2005, Purolator was the first logistics company in Canada to introduce hybrid electric vehicles. Today, we have the largest fleet in North America.”

Since 2005, the replacement of conventional curbside delivery vehicles by hybrid electric vehicles has allowed Purolator to eliminate more than 2,100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and save 645,000 litres of fuel.

Among the many Purolator locations receiving new hybrid electric vehicles, 43 will be added to the Halifax and Dartmouth fleet, making Purolator’s fleet operating in the City of Halifax 100 percent hybrid electric. An additional 60 HEVs will be added in Guelph, while 19 will be added in Niagara, and finally, 79 in the Greater Toronto Area.

In Nova Scotia, Purolator’s hybrid electric vehicle initiative is partially funded by Conserve Nova Scotia through the ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change.

Bill Estabrooks, minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, who took part in the announcement, saluted the efforts of Purolator towards environmental sustainability: “Purolator has made fuel-efficient technologies a priority and is setting a great example for other businesses in the province.”

Photo: Tom Schmitt (right), president and CEO of Purolator, and Bill Estabrooks, minister of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, react to media, Thursday, December 2, 2010, in Dartmouth, following the announcement that 43 Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) will now make up the Halifax/Dartmouth fleet of Purolator trucks.