Penske Truck Leasing

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Penske Truck Leasing

Telematics Solutions

Penske’s Fleet I.Q. suite of solutions offers many products that capture critical performance data to help its customers run their businesses more efficiently. Penske works with various solution providers for their onboard technology, which includes features such as estimated arrival times, knowing the location of a vehicle, and managing driver logs and performance. CyntrX, a stealth tracking and fuel efficiency unit, provides an on-demand truck finder, theft recovery, on-demand or scheduled tracking and web-based reporting. PeopleNet is a full-capability fleet management system that features geofencing, onboard event recording, electronic driver logs and automated fuel tax. Geofencing is when the telematics product creates a virtual fence around a point of interest, such as a customer or delivery point on a map, so that the telematics can report on when the truck enters and exits the area. Penske also provides financing and onboard computer support.

Telematics Tips

Telematics products can be key fleet management tools.  Different telematics products will have different features, but depending on the product, they can often provide the typical fleet manager with key metrics, such as km/ litre, idle time, speed monitoring, hard braking events (which negatively affect brake longevity, can cause accidents and loss of loads), hours of service violations (drivers are legally allowed to work a set number of hours in a given time period) to help control costs, increase productivity and monitor safety performance.
Telematics products can also be used to eliminate time wasting and inefficient processes.  The best drivers often appreciate working for a fleet that invests in technologies that can help them do their job more efficiently.


Mike Flynn, Manager – Marketing Products