New committee for NAFA

Group will deal with issues related to utility line clearance equipment

November 1, 2012
by Fleet Management staff

NAFA has created a committee to deal with issues related to utility line clearance equipment. The Utility Line Clearance Tree Equipment Committee (ULCTEC) helps the Association reach out to another specialized segment of the industry—the companies that perform utility line clearance tree trimming.

“This committee started as a loosely formed group of contractors who service the utility line clearance market,” explained NAFA member David Lynn, CAFM, who will be chair. “Our initial intent was to discuss gaps in specialized equipment offerings, to pool our collective needs to display what the market for those items is and hopefully have those assets produced, and to share equipment experience and regulatory experience from the industry. We have since grown to include large residential contractors that use the same equipment assets, work in the same environments, and have the same needs and struggles.

“This new committee elevates our group’s professional status, gives us access to the strength of the education and training NAFA provides, provides a diverse group of fleet managers to network with, and offers the structure to request and obtain assistance for projects we would like to undertake,” Lynn added.

In addition to Lynn, equipment service manager for Penn Line Service, as chair, Lenny Hedgelin, fleet and equipment training coordinator for Lucas Tree Experts is vice-chair, and Claude Masters, CAFM, manager, acquisition and fuel for Florida Power & Light is the committee’s reporting officer.

“We brought awareness of a market for a log skidder-based off-road platform suitable for our aerial lift needs,” Lynn explained. “As a result, both Tigercat Industries and Kershaw Manufacturing are offering the units. We have also lobbied truck manufacturers for a 33,000 GVWR gasoline-driven chassis to replace the unit we lost when GM left the medium-duty market. The affiliation with NAFA gives us a professional platform to continue efforts to share information on the industry specific challenges we face.”