Nero Global Tracking

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Nero Global Tracking

Telematics Solutions

Nero Global Tracking specializes in the implementation of GPS fleet management solutions. Unlike other fleet management companies, Nero Global Tracking is not married to any one particular GPS solution, and instead offers a selection of GPS fleet management systems to ensure that each client gets the right fit for their specific needs.
Nero Global’s implementation process includes customized staff launches to introduce the new solution along with ongoing training and support to help provide the maximum return-on-investment year after year.
Nero Global Tracking recognizes that you need more than just a GPS solution. You need a fleet management partner that will be with you all the way.

Telematics Tips

When a GPS system delivers less than the expected ROI, poor implementation is generally the reason. Users that are asked to try to figure out how to use any solution without guidance from the provider will likely see average results at best.
To ensure widespread acceptance and the correct use of the solution, it must be properly introduced to the drivers before it goes live. Be sure to explain exactly how and why this solution will benefit the drivers and their employer.
The best way to reduce your costs is to reduce your fleet size and do the same volume of business with fewer vehicles. A properly implemented GPS solution will empower you to do more with less.


David Katz, President