NB Power and Irving Oil unveil EV fast-charging station

Fast chargers can recharge all-electric vehicle batteries up to 80 percent in about 30 minutes

July 19, 2017
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SAINT JOHN, NB—NB Power and Irving Oil are commissioning the first fast-charging station for electric vehicles (EV) in New Brunswick at Irving Oil’s Big Stop in Lincoln. The Lincoln installation is the first of seven fast-charging stations to be hosted at Irving Oil locations throughout the province.

Fast chargers can recharge all-electric vehicle batteries up to 80 percent in about 30 minutes. Along with the Lincoln location, fast-charging stations will be available to customers at Irving Oil Big Stops in Aulac, Salisbury and Grand Falls (St. Andre), as well as Irving Oil sites in Youngs Cove, Woodstock (Murray’s Irving), and Moncton (Magnetic Hill).

Charging stations at Irving Oil sites will form part of a fast-charging corridor of stations located at 65-kilometre intervals along the TransCanada Highway. The fast-charging corridor is part of NB Power’s eCharge Network—a public charging program for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle owners can now sign up to become members of the NB Power eCharge Network online, load credits to their account and locate charging stations across New Brunswick.

The charging stations are made by AddÉnergie, a Canadian supplier and will be interoperable with the FLO network, the largest charging network in Canada. The stations are also networked, or “smart”, which enables:

  1. Online dashboard and user-friendly interface;
  2. Usage history;
  3. Remote software updates;
  4. 24/7 helpline and support;
  5. Real-time monitoring; and
  6. Online and smart phone application displaying station locations and availabilities in real-time.