NAFA enters endorsement agreement with NTEA

A new agreement between NAFA Fleet management Association and the Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA) lets each association cross-promote the value of their organization’s certification programs.

March 30, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

PRINCETON, NJ: A new agreement between NAFA Fleet Management Association and the Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA) lets each association cross-promote the value of their organization’s certification programs to mutually benefit the membership of both organizations. The NTEA has agreed to endorse NAFA’s Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) and Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS) programs; while, NAFA has agreed to bring awareness to the benefits of the Member Verification Program (MVP) developed and administered by the NTEA.

One of the primary goals of NAFA Fleet Management Association is to elevate the status of the fleet management industry. To accomplish that goal, NAFA has been working on securing partnerships and endorsements of its Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) program to establish it as the standard of excellence within the industry. The endorsement agreement between NAFA and the NTEA brings that goal a step closer.

“In endorsing NAFA’s programs, NTEA joined the long list of organizations that are lending their support to The Center for Professional Fleet Certification (CPFC),” said NAFA’s executive director, Phil Russo, CAE. The Center is an alliance of fleet industry associations, entities, and universities formed to advance the fleet management profession by establishing standards of excellence through the CAFM and CAFS programs created by NAFA.

“The agreement we entered into with NAFA strengthens the link between two organizations that have served the work truck and fleet industries for decades,” said Jim Carney, executive director of the NTEA. “We constantly seek opportunities to build alliances with other industry associations to enrich the value we offer our member companies. To this end, we are endorsing two NAFA programs that promote the efficient and informed purchasing of work trucks, and are pleased to work with NAFA to further promote our Member Verification Program.”

NAFA’s CAFM program is the oldest, largest, and most widely acclaimed professional certification program in the fleet management industry. The program comprises a two-tiered system, which covers the eight disciplines of fleet management (fleet information management, maintenance management, professional development, vehicle fuel management, asset management, business management, financial management and risk management).

Successful completion of any of the three CAFS learning streams (containing four disciplines) will earn the candidate the designation of Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS). Successful completion of the upper tier, which is only possible after completing one of the three CAFS learning streams, will earn the candidate the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) designation.

NTEA’s MVP status promotes the production and sale of work trucks by companies that take significant steps to implement specific business and quality standards and quality processes, and to comply with certain applicable federal regulations. Companies that achieve MVP status differentiate themselves through demonstrated commitment to professionalism, industry knowledge and high performance standards.

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