Mentor Engineering Inc.

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Mentor Engineering Inc.


For more than twenty years, Mentor Engineering has been helping companies improve efficiency with mobile workforce and fleet management solutions. Mentor has implemented these solutions in a wide variety of industries and deployed more than 65,000 devices worldwide.
At the core of our telematics solutions is Mentor Fleet. Tailored to each client’s unique business environment, Mentor Fleet delivers Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL/GPS), vehicle telematics, driver behaviour monitoring, reporting and maintenance capabilities. Fleet is made up of several integrated modules that each serve a different function in improving operations, lowering costs and increasing overall efficiency.
Mentor also offers a complete mobile computing solution with Mentor Ranger®. Ranger is a rugged, in-vehicle computer that supports voice and data communications, Automatic Vehicle Location, electronic work orders, and vehicle telemetry. All fully integrated on a single, powerful platform, Ranger helps companies realize faster dispatching, lowered fuel costs, improved response times, and more. Ranger lets companies track a wide range of vehicle information such as odometer monitoring, problem codes, fuel consumption, RPM, and oil temperatures. This enhances your ability to monitor and correct costly driver behaviors such as speeding and unnecessary idling.

Telematics Tips

Fuel costs are a big issue for fleet managers, and account for a significant portion of fleet budgets. Telematics solutions track the unnecessary idling, excessive speed and unauthorized vehicle usage of fleet vehicles to help minimize these costs. Monitoring speed and idling helps managers identify at-risk drivers and develop training programs to encourage safer driving practices, which ultimately help reduce fuel costs.


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