Magna unveils autonomous driving platform

Vehicles can operate without driver input aside from setting destination or navigational requirements

September 11, 2017
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press

MONTREAL—Autoparts supplier Magna International Inc. has unveiled its new autonomous driving platform it says can be integrated into any vehicle.

The MAX4 uses cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors that can be imbedded in any vehicle, including hybrid and electric versions, to allow up to Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities in urban and highway settings.

Level 4 automation allows vehicles to operate throughout a trip with no input from a driver aside from setting the destination or navigational requirements. Most autonomous vehicles on the road require active monitoring by the driver.

Autonomous driving systems have gained interest from global automakers and technology firms such as Google and Intel.

Magna says its latest platform doesn’t sacrifice rear cargo space or passenger comfort in the main cabin.

The Toronto-area company says its program, which can be used for high production volumes is upgradeable and fully functional with a fraction of the power required by alternative offerings.

MAX4 can be activated by pressing a button similar to cruise control and disengaged by pressing a brake pedal or emergency button.

Magna has been working on autonomous technology since the 2000s. It showcased its Level 3 capability with a 480-kilometre test drive crossing the US-Canadian border which drove autonomously for 92 percent of the trip.