Magna Steyr adopts biogas trucks in Austria

Magna Steyr will use 20 to 30 Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks.

August 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

Auto parts manufacturer Magna Steyr is planning a fleet buy of 20 to 30 biogas trucks to serve its plant operations in Graz, Austria. The trucks—Econic NGT from Mercedes-Benz—produce virtually no emissions and run quieter than equivalent diesel and gasoline engines. The Econic’s low emissions and quiet operation allow it to operate across all environmental zones in Europe.

Magna Steyr plans to introduce a third—night— shift to its operations, which is only possible with a quieter vehicle. Noise restrictions in Austria prevent loud diesel trucks from operating at night where they might disturb residents. The Econic NGT emits only 72 decibels, half the noise of a gasoline engine.

The biogas-burning engine does not need any modifications from the regular natural gas engine, but will be burning gas made from waste products such as grass cuttings which are currently free and plentiful in Austria. Magna Steyr, as an automotive engineering company, also stands to benefit from the development of the hybrid technology.

Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 10,000 Econic trucks since the model’s introduction in 1998.