inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc.

May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc.

Telematics Solutions

inthinc’s tiwiPro and waySmart manage driver safety, fleet functionality and efficiency by focusing on the single greatest controllable variable, the driver. Real-time, in-cab, verbal alerts help correct unsafe driving actions as they occur. Studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and inthinc customers show inthinc’s patented technology reduces speeding, aggressive driving behavior, distracted driving and seatbelt violations as well as operating costs, while increasing fuel efficiency, maintaining a positive company image and saving lives. Drivers are given a grace period to correct certain behaviors before their actions are recorded and reported to management.

Supervisors receive real-time alerts via phone call, text message or email regarding certain infractions or incidents. Numerous reports are available through a web portal regarding driver performance, vehicle positioning and trends.

inthinc is superior to the files that companies typically maintain on drivers and their behaviours because in most cases, it will show only accidents that were reported, the tickets and warnings issued by law enforcement and speeding or aggressive actions reported by the general public. If the driver didn’t get “caught” or have an accident, the fleet manager will probably never know about the risks s/he took.inthinc provides a unique combination of in-vehicle driver alerts, vehicle location and diagnostics, and fleet management features that detail fleet performance and trends. inthinc’s automated mentoring can improve driving behavior as soon as the driver receives the first audio alert.

Telematics Tips

The telematics data is useless if you don’t act on it to improve safety, efficiency and vehicle maintenance by changing driver behavior in real-time.


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