Hino, VW partner on hybrids, autonomous drive, technology

Digital age and robotics is pressuring automakers to deliver vehicles that connect to the net or avoid crashes automatically

April 23, 2018
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press

TOKYO—Hino Motors, Toyota Motor Corp.’s group truck manufacturer, and Volkswagen Truck & Bus of Germany say they have agreed to work together in a partnership on technologies like hybrids, electric cars, autonomous driving and connectivity.

Under the deal, each company will maintain independence, but executive teams will work together to map out co-operation on innovating technology and leveraging market positions.

The arrival of the digital age and robotics in the auto industry is pressuring automakers around the world to deliver to customers vehicles that connect to the net or avoid crashes automatically.

Partnerships can save costs and boost competitiveness.

The deal brings together two major players in trucks and buses, a sector that some analysts say can benefit the most from such new technology.