Greencell Technologies buys hydrogen generator system

System designed to enhance air/fuel mixture in transport trucks

March 31, 2011
by Purchasing b2b staff

MISSISSAUGA: The Mississauga-based blutip Power Technologies announced March 31 its distributor agent, Greencell Technologies Inc, has ordered its Hy-Drive HGS product. The purchase price for the deal is $263,000.

The Hy-Drive HGS is a hydrogen generator system for the transport truck industry designed with a control mechanism that regulates small amounts of hydrogen injected into the combustion chamber, enhancing the air/fuel mixture. According to the company, the result is fuel savings and lower emissions as demonstrated through third-party, SAE testing.

“This order represents an important step forward not only for blutip Power and Greencell, but more importantly to the end user—the customer,” said Robert Bucher, president and CEO for Hy-Drive. “With diesel gas prices soaring, this is an important opportunity for the customer to run their operations more efficiently.”

As well, blutip Power and Greencell inked a distribution agreement allowing both companies to expand their positioning in the energy solutions market to the transport industry.  The HydroCell is one of several products Greencell is formulating, and the company will market the Hy-Drive HGS under the HydroCell brand label.

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