Goodyear updates tire tracking for fleets

Next generation of TVTrack program

February 24, 2012
by Fleet Management staff

AKRON, Ohio: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has launched a new version of its TVTrack program to help fleets monitor and manage their truck tires more effectively.

“This is the next step in the evolution of an already-robust business solution that helps fleet owners and managers drive down the cost of their operations by collecting, documenting and presenting key tire data in an easy-to-use, dashboard format,” said Bruce Woodruff, director of business solutions marketing, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems.

The next-generation version of TVTrack is part of Goodyear’s fleetHQ business solutions program and is only available through authorized Goodyear dealers. It allows fleet owners and managers to:

• Capture and report information about their vehicles and their tires.
• Have service technicians use the 3G cellular network, a Wi-Fi connection and/or Web-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops and tablet computers to enter in new data about tire pressure, tread wear and more on individual trucks and trailers.
• Choose from a variety of tire specifications. The next-generation TVTrack has been preloaded with information for nearly every tire available in North America, regardless of manufacturer.
• Use a “clone this” function that allows data about numerous truck and trailer units to be replicated quickly.

Also new from Goodyear and part of the next-generation TVTrack tool is the fleetHQ Trailer Readiness program, which helps fleets’ trailers meet Compliance, Safety Accountability (CSA) requirements.

Through Trailer Readiness, fleets can receive customized reports on essential vehicle systems; receive uniform trailer inspections from local dealers or at more than 2,000 nationwide locations; and more.

“For example, a fleet can work with its tire dealer to develop a custom trailer survey to inspect tire pressure, tire depth, trailer lights, air valves, wheel seals and a myriad of other things,” said Woodruff.