Federal government buys Hyundai hybrids

Federal agencies to drive the Sonata.

August 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

MARKHAM, ON — Federal government agencies across the country have added the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to their fleets of vehicles.

A total of 56 Sonata Hybrids were delivered to eight agencies in cities from St. John’s to Edmonton earlier this year. The vehicles will be used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada and the Department of Transportation, among others.

The Sonata Hybrid is a full parallel hybrid and the first to utilize a combination of lithium-polymer batteries and a six-speed automatic transmission. With an advanced architecture, the Sonata Hybrid can be powered by the electric motor, the gasoline engine or a combination of the two, even at highway speeds.  Lithium-polymer batteries are smaller, lighter, last longer, provide more durability and have a higher energy density than the more common nickel-metal hydride batteries found in most hybrid vehicles today.

The Sonata Hybrid intermediate sedan offers the latest in fuel-saving technology to achieve a best-in-class highway fuel efficiency rating of 4.6L/100km.