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May 9, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

ELM Technologies Ltd.

Telematics Solutions

SkyBitz GLS400 Trailer Tracking Product: SkyBitz, a trailer tracking solution, tracks, analyzes and manages assets to help optimize trailer utilization, eliminate lost trailers, increase detention billing, track stolen trailers, and reduce capital expenditures. If a trailer is not unloaded and available by the agreed-upon date, the transportation company can bill for the time the trailer sits waiting to be emptied. SkyBitz gives users hard copy data that supports detention billing because it tells you where the trailer is and whether it has been unloaded. SkyBitz customer Mesilla Valley Transportation was able to detention bill $90,000 in one  month with SkyBitz trailer tracking.
Thanks to the SkyBitz technology, the GLS400’s eight, off-the-shelf, lithium batteries last for several years with any external power source. They extend the service life far beyond that of traditionally-powered GPS-based tracking products, which pull power from the truck/vehicle and work on a cellular-based communication system. The GLS400 can be serviced in the shop or on the road without the hassles of battery packs or expert installation.

Trimble GeoManager DriverSafety Solution: Trimble GeoManager DriverSafety tracks driver compliance and provides unobtrusive, in-vehicle visual and/or audible feedback to alert the driver about unsafe behaviours. The DriverSafety unit measures the speed and forces exerted on the vehicle during various driving maneuvers. Each fleet can customize the parameters that will form the basis of the scores created and reported on for each driver. For example, DriverSafety can be programmed to report to the fleet manager if the driver goes over 110 km/hr for more than five minutes or if the tractor idles for more than seven minutes. Improving driver behavior and safety awareness can help ensure mobile workers return safely at the end of their shifts and reduce the risk of traffic violations as well as erratic and/or aggressive actions.
Engine idle time, fuel use, mileage and carbon emissions data is captured to help managers coach drivers.
Increased productivity can also result from decreased vehicle down time, while improving fuel consumption and cutting maintenance costs.

Teletrac Fleet Director 8: Fleet Director combines Teletrac’s SmartNav satellite navigation, real–time traffic information, stolen vehicle tracking and the comprehensive reporting tools used to monitor mileage and vehicle use.
Teletrac provides total fleet management by integrating automatically archived, two-way messaging, easy-to-use and customizable displays, voice prompts that tell you turn left in 100 metres, SmartNav turn-by-turn navigation and interactive colour touchscreen displays. This keeps drivers on route and enables swift, effective coordination between dispatchers and drivers.
Managers have the ability to improve operations because they have the data required for analysis and decision-making. Drivers can instantly notify dispatchers regarding key information such as jobsite arrivals, departures, availability, breaks, start and end times, work-order numbers, customer information and job details. All messages are time- and date-stamped, then archived for management recordkeeping. Data is accessible for up to 12 months and stored for three years.

Telematics Tips

Telematics will provide a return-on-investment by reducing costs (e.g. fuel, maintenance, driver overtime, unauthorized vehicle use, theft),  improving productivity (at least one additional call per driver daily) and superior customer satisfaction (on-time delivery, accurate pick-up times).
To be sure you’re getting the most out of your telematics solution, compare your results to industry averages.
Aberdeen Group, which researches and analyzes technology products and companies, found that on average, the typical Trimble user will realize a three- to six-month return on the investment, reduce expenses by 18 to 43 per cent and employee overtime by 9 to 54 per cent, while boosting the jobs per week by 20 to 50 per cent.As well, Trimble typically produces these savings: 6% reduction in fuel consumption; 10% reduction in operating costs; 12% reduction in vehicle downtime; 15% reduction in vehicle maintenance and repair costs; 18% improvement in driver compliance, leading to improved safety, better route efficiency and reduced labour costs.


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