Custom fittings for the Nissan NV

Knaack LLC and WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions are offering customized van storage equipment for the new Nissan NV Commercial Van.

March 14, 2011
by Fleet Management staff

CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS: Knaack LLC and WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions are offering customized van storage equipment for the new Nissan NV Commercial Van, featuring driver-friendly bulkheads and a wide range of shelving, specialty storage and roof rack options that meet the needs of professional contractors and field service/repair professionals.

“WEATHER GUARD continues its tradition of innovation, starting with customized solutions for the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit Connect, and now the new Nissan NV.  We have engineered hard-working storage solutions that deliver industry-leading security, unmatched durability and reliability, maximum organization and productivity, and superior cab comfort,” said Jeff Kotz, senior product manager for WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions.

WEATHER GUARD has developed customized Nissan NV bulkheads that not only keep the drivers safe, but also provide an extra 4 inches of room to stretch out the legs or recline the seat compared to other van bulkheads on the market. WEATHER GUARD is offering the customized Nissan NV bulkhead in standard-roof and high-roof models, along with a complete line up of bulkhead accessories, such as hard hat, fire extinguisher and extension cord brackets, literature holders, and First Aid Kit and Safety Reflector kit trays. And with the WEATHER GUARD Dog Hatch Door, storing 10 feet of pipe and lumber inside the van is possible.

Within the cargo area, WEATHER GUARD provides up to 90 inches of Jumbo Steel Shelving in which to keep tools and equipment secure and organized, with 44 inches and 59.5-inch long shelves designed for both the standard-roof and high-roof models. A 51-inch retainer lip is available for all shelving units that help to keep tools and equipment from rolling around on the floor while the van is turning or stopping abruptly. WEATHER GUARD also offers a variety of storage units such as locking shelf doors, locking parts cabinets, and locking file drawers to keep items more secure from theft or loss. All WEATHER GUARD van storage equipment is manufactured using 18-gauge steel and comes in ARMOR TUF powder coat in Brite White, designed to brighten up dark van spaces, and features an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

Kotz says, “One of the best features of the WEATHER GUARD Nissan NV Van Solutions is the simple installation. Time is money for professional contractors and field personnel. With our customized Nissan NV van solutions, upfitting the van does not require drilling or time-consuming installations. Using pre-drilled holes, the professional contractor can just bolt and go.”

WEATHER GUARD also offers a variety of specialty storage solutions, such as ITEMIZER Drawer Units, PACK RAT Drawer Units and the BED RAT Sliding Platform, all designed to keep the contractor’s tools and equipment organized and within easy access.

WEATHER GUARD has designed four unique van storage packages recommended for general contractors, plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors. Each package provides customized solutions based upon the unique tools and equipment that contractor typically uses throughout the course of their working day. WEATHER GUARD can customize a van storage package for any other type of trade to ensure maximum productivity.

Outside of the van, WEATHER GUARD offers the EZ-GLIDE System for loading and unloading ladders with the use of an ergonomic drive arm. A hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth and effortless descent and a zero-impact drop that reduces the load to the contractors’ shoulders.  Kotz adds, “The EZ-Glide System is especially handy with the high-roof Nissan NV model, which stands over 9-feet tall.”

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