Certified Tracking Solutions

May 9, 2011
Emily Atkins

Certified Tracking Solutions

Telematics Solutions

Certified Tracking Solutions carries a full portfolio of GPS tracking products, including cellular, satellite and satellite/cellular combinations, that cater to thousands of clients worldwide.  The installation options include: hidden/concealed installation, simple Plug N Track via the vehicles OBDII port, self-powered units that do not require any connection to the asset. The assets can be viewed and managed via Certified Tracking’s industry-leading Titan Web Dashboard or its iPhone and Blackberry applications.

Telematics Tips

Certified Tracking Solutions recommends that fleet managers work with GPS Fleet Management companies who will assign a Fleet Consultant to their account.  A Fleet Consultant will be able to give them numerous tips and much needed information on how to best use a GPS tracking platform.  If a fleet manager is not properly trained on how to use a GPS tracking system, they are wasting their money.


Liam Cusack, Operations Manager