Bell Canada selects BSM technology

Bell Canada is adding 4,000 Sentinel FM units

November 5, 2013
by Fleet Management staff

TORONTO—Bell Canada is adding 4,000 Sentinel FM units from BSM Technologies Inc, to its mobile fleet.

“Bell Canada has been a longstanding customer of AutoVision Wireless, whom we acquired this past quarter,” said Aly Rahemtulla, President and CEO of BSM Technologies. “This contract builds on that relationship and brings the total vehicles under contract with Bell Canada to more than 10,300.”

BSM currently provides telematics services to more than 8,300 Bell Canada vehicles. The order for the additional units will represent 2,000 new installations and 2,000 installations to upgrade existing hardware. The order is part of an initiative by Bell to transition its fleet management systems onto the Sentinel platform. Hardware revenues are expected to be recognized in the Company’s current fiscal quarter, and recurring service revenues will be recognized over the course of the contract.

The Sentinel Fleet Management solution’s telematics capabilities provide real-time visibility into the location and use of mobile assets. The product’s entirely web-based interface provides clients with advanced fleet management tools that allow them to improve the efficiency, safety and workflows of their mobile fleets.