AutoShare adds cargo vans to self-serve fleet

Chevrolet Express to be available at 21 locations in Toronto

May 5, 2012
by Fleet Management staff

TORONTO: AutoShare is adding full size Chevy Express cargo vans to its fleet, the largest self-serve hourly cargo fleet in Toronto. The “AutoShare Cargo” portion of the fleet will now have full size cargo vans, pickup trucks, and cargo minivans available at 21 locations across the city, with 24-hour self-serve access starting at $10.25 per hour. The Chevy Express is also the largest vehicle in the fleet, offering 240 cubic feet of space.

“Whether it’s merging your collection of Jazz records with your boyfriend’s New Wave as you move in together, or transporting over 200 chairs and tables to the Brickworks by dawn for your best friend’s do-it-yourself wedding,” says AutoShare president Kevin McLaughlin, “we’ve got the vehicle you need.”

The goal is to meet every unique member need: couches and book shelves at IKEA; picking up Kijiji & Craigslist purchases; small business needs, and more. As with all AutoShare vehicles, prices include gas, insurance, parking, roadside assistance and 150km of free mileage.

“This spring will be the biggest growth in our 14 year history” says McLaughlin “and the new full size cargo vans are just one of the exciting new vehicle models that we’re adding. We’ll have over 300 vehicles available across the GTA, including our recent launch in conjunction with the City of Mississauga.”