ARI wraps up 2017 conference series

Fleet professionals across four cities met for presentations, networking, vehicle fairs and keynotes

November 7, 2017
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Attendees had the chance to peruse fleet vehicles from ARI’s OEM partners at the Toronto Fleet Forum. Image: ARI

Now in their twentieth year, ARI presents annual fleet forums in each major commercial market in Canada: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal.

Bringing together nearly 500 fleet professionals across four cities for industry presentations, networking, fleet vehicle fairs and keynotes, ARI’s Canadian fleet forums have come to a close for yet another year. This year’s theme of Fleet Means Business focused on fleet as a key driver of performance and profitability, not a cost centre. No longer is fleet the exclusive purview of fleet managers. Today’s fleet professional is more likely to come from procurement, finance, operations or sales functions than solely from a fleet background. ARI therefore developed programming that addressed key business requirements from across an organization.

(L-R) ARI’s Rick Tousaw, Denise Wildish and Chris Conroy at the Montreal Fleet Forum. Image: ARI

During the conferences, ARI’s Jeff Cole, director of strategic services, and Greg Raven, director of business intelligence and analytics, shared the Top Five Fleet Initiatives to Drive the Bottom Line. They included governance and policy, supply chain management, technology, an employee cost index and centralized versus decentralized management. Attendees across Canada learned tactical steps they could take immediately to generate savings and create value for their organizations.

On the same theme, John Kiraly, ARI’s manager of customer information systems, focused on leveraging technology to drive fleet value. This included many of ARI’s latest technologies, a discussion on the latest in-vehicle tech offerings, as well as the power of integrating fleet data to create and identify efficiencies.

Canadian Olympian Catriona Le May Doan and ARI’s Romy Bria at the Montreal Fleet Forum. Image: ARI

Each forum was opened by either Chris Conroy, president and CEO of Holman Business Services, or Rick Tousaw, senior VP and general manager of ARI Canada, who presented a review of ARI and Holman Business Services, with a focus on the growth and successes of the Canadian operation.

Finally, a roster of keynote speakers closed each session. In Toronto, Atlantic magazine editor David Frum provided insight as to what the Trump presidency might mean for Canadian businesses. Two Canadian high-tech innovators, Michael Hyatt and Brian Wong, in Calgary and Vancouver respectively, provided a view of what a technology-driven future will mean not only for business, but for all of us. In Montreal, Canadian Olympic legend Catriona Le May Doan shared her experiences on just what it takes to achieve excellence.