ARI piloting voice-based fleet app

Technology to allow users to ask for and receive fleet data using voice

November 7, 2017
Purchasing B2B

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ—A voice-based technology, still in development by ARI, will be unveiled at the company’s Best in Fleet conference in Miami Beach, Fla., Nov. 8-10. The annual event, celebrating technological innovation and disruption in the fleet management industry, brings together more than 150 of ARI’s largest clients.

The conference will mark the launch of the pilot program for ARI’s Alexa app, designed for Amazon’s virtual personal assistant. As currently envisioned, the technology would allow end-users to interact with their fleet data and ARI insights, the company’s web-based portal, by asking to learn information out loud, and receiving the information the same way.

At the launch of the pilot, users will be able to ask Alexa to fetch information related to fuel, accidents, maintenance, downtime and purchase orders. ARI will track queries that are being made to Alexa to see what other data can be added as they work to develop the technology further.

ARI developers will determine through the pilot program if clients are able to access their information more quickly through Alexa, allowing fleets more time to focus on the analysis of the data and take action to run their fleets more efficiently and improve their bottom lines.

ARI believes the Alexa technology could also create efficiencies internally, too, as people shift toward Alexa, thereby eliminating the need to make a phone call to ARI.