Ottawa awards contract for the disposal of former HMCS Athabaskan

Contract includes towing to the contractor's facility, equipment demilitarization, hazardous waste remediation and recycling

January 29, 2018
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The HMCS Athabaskan. Image: The Government of Canada.

GATINEAU, QC—Public Services and Procurement Canada has awarded a contract worth $5.7 million to Marine Recycling Corporation from Port Colborne, Ontario, for the disposal of the Royal Canadian Navy’s former Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Athabaskan.

HMCS Athabaskan is currently docked at Canadian Forces Base Halifax, and is the last of the four Iroquois-class destroyers. These ships were a made-in-Canada solution to the defence and security challenges of the Cold War and post-Cold War era of the late 20th century.

As part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the process of renewing and modernizing fleets for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard over the next 30 years has begun, with construction of vessels on Canada’s east and west coasts underway.

The Iroquois-class destroyers will be replaced by up to 15 Canadian Surface Combatants. The delivery of the first vessel is expected in the mid-2020s.

The contract includes towing to the contractor’s facility located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, demilitarization of equipment, remediation of hazardous waste and recycling of any remaining materials.

The dismantling of HMCS Athabaskan is expected to be completed by July 2019.