Feds award offshore towing contract in BC

Vessels can tow large commercial ships in distress, including tankers and container ships

August 10, 2018
Purchasing B2B

GATINEAU, QC—Atlantic Towing Limited of Saint John, New Brunswick, has been awarded a three-year contract worth $67,013,720 for the lease of two emergency offshore towing vessels that will operate in the waters off the coast of British Columbia.

The vessels can tow large commercial ships in distress, such as tankers and container ships, before they get too close to shore.

As part of the contract, Atlantic Towing Limited will also provide training in offshore emergency towing to Coast Guard personnel and partners, including Indigenous communities, involved in marine safety.

The contract is for the provision of vessels for the next three years. The two leased vessels will be operated by Atlantic Towing Limited personnel, along with members of the Canadian Coast Guard, off the coast of British Columbia.

One will patrol a northern area in Canadian waters between Alaska and the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and the other a southern area including the west side of Vancouver Island and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Both vessels will be on-site in late 2018.