Companies pre-qualify for heating and cooling plants modernization contract

Pre-qualified companies received RFPs outlining project conditions and specs

March 16, 2018
Purchasing B2B

OTTAWA—Following a request for qualifications, Innovate Energy and Rideau Energy Partners have successfully pre-qualified to compete for a contract with the Government of Canada to modernize five heating and cooling plants in the National Capital Region.

Published on August 31, 2017, the request for qualifications aimed to evaluate interested companies and consortia on their experience in projects of similar size and complexity.

The pre-qualified companies have now received a request for proposals that outlines the conditions and specifications of the project to inform the development of their technical and financial bids.

Once their proposals are submitted, Public Services and Procurement Canada will consider elements that extend beyond cost. For instance, the firms will have the opportunity to demonstrate that their technologies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond targets set by Canada. They will also have to provide innovative design features for the Cliff Heating and Cooling Plant, located along the Ottawa River and bordered by parliamentary buildings.