Xerium Technologies wins Cascades' 2012 Sustainable Supplier Award

Prize awarded during annual meeting of Cascades' plant managers in North America

February 7, 2013
by PurchasingB2B Staff

KINGSEY FALLS, QC—Cascades released the name of the winner of the fourth edition of the Sustainable Supplier Award, a contest that aims to recognize best business practices in sustainable development among its suppliers. Created by the company’s corporate procurement department, Cascades said the award enables it to publicly acknowledge suppliers that have had positive repercussions on its products, processes or manufacturing methods. The projects undertaken were also assessed on their environmental, societal and economic impacts. This year, although many projects caught the attention of the jury, Xerium was the winner.

Xerium Technologies, with its Weavexx and Stowe divisions, have been working in the pulp and paper industry since the mid-1800s. The company works in paper machine clothing and roll technology. In particular, it provides forming fabrics, press felts, dryer felts, roll covers and spreader rolls. The manufacturing of these products focuses on the reduction of total costs, the improvement of sheet quality and overall machine efficiency.

Cascades said the long standing business partnership with Xerium has led them to state-of-the-art rolls and fabrics in many Cascades Tissue Group plants in North America (Candiac, Eau Claire, Kingsey Falls, Mechanics, Memphis, Ransom, Rockingham, Scarborough, Whitby). Integrated projects on 14 machines have helped increase efficiency of operations. This optimization has generated savings, said Cascades, as well as less water and energy consumption in the targeted plants.

“I see this prize as one of the best incentives for encouraging suppliers like us to engage in a sustainable development approach with its clients,” said Harold Bevis, president and CEO of Xerium. “For the coming years, Xerium intends to continue developing paper machine clothing and rolls technology for the purpose of improving the performance of its clients.”

The prize was awarded during the annual meeting of Cascades’ plant managers in North America.