Winnipeg airport selects Searidge Technologies video system

Solution will give air traffic controllers a clear view of specified area

February 13, 2013
by PurchasingB2 Staff

MADRID, Spain—Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport has selected Searidge Technologies’ ATC-grade video system and intelligent video platform.

Winnipeg Airports Authority, the airport’s owner and operator, has awarded Searidge a contract to provide surface surveillance on the apron area and two adjoining taxiways north of the airport’s terminal building. Searidge said its video solution will give air traffic controllers a clear view of the specified area and eliminate procedures now used to manage the area. It will also provide controllers with tracking data of all vehicles in the ramp area and will be integrated by NAV CANADA with the airport’s existing surface movement guidance and control system to allow aircraft hand-off from two taxiways to the new apron area.

“Searidge offered a comprehensive solution that can immediately improve our controllers’ line-of-sight to the monitored area and the flexibility to grow to accommodate our future requirements,” said Michael O’Gorman, VP of operations at the Winnipeg Airports Authority. “The system will enhance situational awareness for a key stakeholder at our airport, NAV CANADA, reduce fuel burn for the airlines, and maintain the highest level of safety.”

The video system monitors and presents real-time video feeds from digital camera sensors to a one-look display. Full visual confirmation of the situation helps controllers manage ground traffic, said the company.