Waste reduction week

Join Canada's national environmental campaign focusing on sustainability and responsible consumption issues

October 16, 2017
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It’s Waste Reduction Week. Organizations and individuals are invited to celebrate environmental efforts and achievements as well as highlight innovative ideas and solutions.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a national environmental campaign that builds awareness around issues of sustainable and responsible consumption, encourages choice for more environmentally responsible products/services, and promotes actions that divert more waste from disposal and conserve natural resources. The week is focused on the circular economy, resource efficiency and waste reduction. The program’s celebrates environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovation and solutions.

Some of the ways to get involved during Waste Reduction Week include:

  1. People are encouraged to take the Food Waste Pledge and commit to making choices that will keep food from becoming waste. On average, each Canadian will waste 183 kg / 404 lbs. of food every year. That’s $1,450 worth of food.
  2. Events are happening across Canada during Waste Reduction Week. Find an event near you, and if you are holding your own event be sure to register it on
  3. In Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square has for a Pop-Up Clothing Swap on Textiles Tuesday from 10am-3pm Attendees can swap old Halloween costume for a new one, pick-up a new winter coat or find other wardrobe additions.
  4. Do you know an organization, community, or individual making big moves on waste reduction and resource efficiency? Be sure to tell us about them!
  5. Join the conversation with #WasteReductionWeek on social media.

Click here to learn more about Waste Reduction Week.