Viscount Systems awarded US government security contract

Company’s Freedom Access Control solution to protect high security facility

January 18, 2013
by PurchasingB2B staff

BURNABY, BC—Viscount Systems, a supplier of security systems and software, has received an order for its Freedom access control technology from a US Government owned high-security facility in the Western part of the US. In keeping with government requests the nature of the facility and agency involved wasn’t identified.

“We expect the number of Federal Government sites using our Freedom Encryption Bridge platform to accelerate throughout 2013,” noted Stephen Pineau, CEO of Viscount. “Our initial and pilot installations for government agencies have tended to be in the Northeast and this is the first Western facility migrating to Freedom, so we are happy to see clients beginning to move to a national scale.”

Freedom Encryption Bridge features entry devices (IC cards, RFID readers, biometrics etc) that connect to standard building IT networks without requiring expensive control panels that are programmed from a PC. The company said it utilizes existing logical IT security software (LDAP) to replace both the control panel component and the software component of traditional systems.