Viscount lands contract with Canadian municipality

Full deployment of the technology will have a value of roughly $2 million

October 31, 2013
by PurchasingB2B Staff

BURNABY, BC—Viscount Systems, a supplier of security systems and software, has been awarded contracts to deploy its Freedom, Liberty and MESH access control technologies at a series of projects for a large Canadian municipality. These contracts are for up to 400 facilities to be installed over the next several years. If the municipality continues with a full deployment the value of the project will be approximately $2 million, said Viscount Sytems.

“After completing a series of initial installations we are happy to see that the municipality has decided to expand and accelerate this project,” noted Stephen Pineau, president and CEO of Viscount. “Our unique ability to wrap intercom systems and access control management in a single software platform helped drive these sales. With Freedom we continue to move from single site projects to Enterprise wide systems and this will continue to drive revenue for the coming years.”

Viscount’s Freedom Encryption Bridge allows entry devices (IC cards, RFID readers, biometrics, etc.) to be connected to standard building IT networks without requiring expensive control panels that are programmed from a PC. Changing the paradigm of IT-friendly access control, Freedom eliminates up to 80 percent of the cost of traditional systems that require the installation of control panels.