Vancouver Board of Trade launches bidding hub

Board members can bid on diverse contracts

April 12, 2011
by Purchasing b2b staff

VANCOUVER: The Vancouver Board of Trade has become the first chamber of commerce in Canada to offer a hub for bidding on contracts, the board said. The Vancuover Economic Development Commission on April 12 launched the e-marketplace—called the Board Business Exchange (BBX)—with a RFP for $100,000.

The board said the BBX offers its 5,500 members the opportunity to bid on a diverse range of contract work in an equally diverse range of industries. As well, any company can post its own tender, however small. While posting contracts to reach this target market is an online process open to everyone, bidding will be exclusive to board members.

Members can network on BBX through chats and online discussions. The BBX expands the business association’s communications across social media platforms, giving users the option to link to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Other features include instant alerts on new tenders emailed out to BBX users as soon as they are posted.

“BBX has been launched to benefit our members in business,” said Jason McLean, chairman of The Vancouver Board of Trade. “We are the first chamber of commerce in Canada to offer this unique mix of a social business platform which, with our members’ support, is set to grow into a major regional hub for bids with international potential.”

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