Trade leaders call for more efficient border

September 16, 2009
by Purchasingb2b staff

Ottawa—The Canadian and US chambers of commerce sent a joint letter urging their countries’ leaders to work on a trade-efficient border.
Itr was sent in the days leading up the scheduled meeting of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama.

The letter called attention to ‘buy American’ provisions, North American energy security, intellectual property rights and regulatory cooperation.

Signed by Canadian Chamber president and CEO Perrin Beatty, and US Chamber president Tom Donahue, the letter states: "’Buy American’ provisions in the US stimulus package mean billions of dollars of state and municipal-level public procurement projects are slowed down and many are off limits to Canadian producers as well as U.S. firms that source globally.”

Canadian municipalities are threatening to retaliate, which could lead to a tit-for-tat trade war with the US, according to the authors.

They also called for a joint Canadian-US energy vision and cooperation on environmental matters, along with more mutual recognition of intellectual property regimes.

—Photo: Trucks are inspected at the US-Canada border. (Photo courtesy of Canada Border Services Agency)

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