Toronto-Dominion Centre releases sustainability report

Report looks at the facility's programs, performance outcomes and ambitious future plans

February 28, 2013
by Purchasingb2b Staff

TORONTO—Toronto-Dominion Centre today announced the release of its inaugural sustainability report. The report provides a look into the facility’s programs, performance outcomes and future plans separately from its parent organization. The complex of buildings in the heart of Toronto’s financial district is managed by the Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited and is home to 21,000 employees.

“Sustainability is both smart business and a central component of both Toronto-Dominion Centre and Cadillac Fairview’s desire to create high performance environments that enhance tenants’ success,” said David Hoffman, general manager of Toronto-Dominion Centre. “This report outlines the outstanding progress made by Toronto-Dominion Centre so far in minimizing its environmental footprint, engaging its tenant community and promoting long-term business vitality.”

Hightlights from the report include:

  • TDC’s occupant engagement program (OEP) produced an award-winning energy campaign that reduced total energy use by 2.4 million KW;
  • TDC has achieved a 14 percent reduction in energy use, a 12 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 23 percent reduction in water usage and has diverted 77 percent of waste from landfill;
  • TDC retrofit projects include a switch to deep lake cooling that resulted in a 15-percent reduction in water consumption and a move to recycle the original single-pane windows to make way for custom units expected to save 5M ekWh in energy and 1,200 tCO2e of GHG emissions per year;
  • A switch to daytime cleaning saved on energy from after-hours lighting and heating requirement; and
  • TD also uses a secure bicycle parking lot and a partnership with Zipca.

Click here to view the Toronto-Dominion Centre Sustainability Report.