The standard of clean

The latest sanitation innovations and products were on display during the CanClean 2011 trade show in April.

June 20, 2011
Sandy MacIsaac


The latest sanitation innovations and products were on display during the CanClean 2011 trade show in April. Roughly 100 manufacturers showcased their wares and services this year, including those designed to help facilities in cleaning, sustainability, hygiene and infection control.

Education sessions

CanClean 2011 also featured eight educational sessions, including a presentation from SuccessFuel principal Michel Theriault. Theriault discussed his experience writing proposals to win business, including winning large janitorial contracts. The seminar focused on his work with facility and property management buyers developing request for proposal documents, conducting procurement initiatives and evaluating bid submissions.

During a presentation called Creating a CSSA Approved Green Sustainability Program, delegates learned how to develop and expand their facilities’ green sustainability initiatives. Kerry Neatte, past president of the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association and director of the Canadian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP), presented an overview of the Canadian Green Sustainability Program and its evolution into a nationally recognized program.

During the same session, Keith Sopha, manager of housekeeping, linen and space at Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, shared Homewood’s experience of waste minimization and how the facility became the first to achieve platinum status through the CGSP.

In another session, Ecologo executive director Angela Griffiths discussed how to separate valid and verifiable claims from greenwashing. Griffiths reviewed the characteristics of credible environmental labels and discussed recent market research and government guidance to help identify false claims and greenwashing in the marketplace.

Green products on display

Many of the products on display were green options. Cascades, for instance, displayed its green antibacterial hand towels. Cascades has added an active antibacterial ingredient to the product. The towels completment regular hand washing and offer antibacterial defence, minimizing the risk of contamination from hand-transmitted bacteria by reducing residual microorganisms left on hands.

Cascades also displayed its tandem line of towel dispensers, including its touchless, level and electronic towel dispensers. These products feature control the release of paper to reduce towel consumption. The dispensers have colour-codes inside and on the paper roll to help make sure the product is loaded properly. The see-through cover or side windows are designed to make it easy to know when to refill.

As well, Avmor rolled out its EP50 OxyMixx dilution control system. With this system, depending on the dilution rate (which is pre-set in the system), you can create four products out of one disinfectant. The preset dilution rates include: 1:12 for disinfectant; 1:38 for multi-purpose cleaner; 1:127 for glass cleaner/HIV-1; and 1:127 for floor cleaner.

Avmor’s EP50 cleaner and disinfectant is Ecologo certified with a DIN and can be used in a neutral or acid environment. It is non-corrosive and kills bacteria, disinfecting in five minutes. The product is designed to cover 95 percent of general cleaning needs.

Kruger Products Limited showcased several of its dispensers. For example, the Titan Electronic Touchless Towel Dispenser features two dispensing delay settings and four length settings to customize for end-user needs. As well, Kruger’s HandsFresh touchless foam soap dispenser is a hands-free dispenser that runs on four C-cell batteries. The dispenser helps fight cross-contamination by eliminating the need to make contacts with the dispenser. b2b