The essence of clean—May print issue

More than 100 manufacturers display their wares at sanitation supply show

June 21, 2013
by By Michael Power

The latest sanitation innovations and products were on display during the CanClean 2013 trade show. Roughly 100 manufacturers showcased products and services this year, including those designed to help facilities in cleaning, sustainability, hygiene and infection control. The event, geared towards decision makers and end users of janitorial supplies, was organized by the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA) and took place at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario April 30-May 1.

Education sessions
Along with the opportunity to view and test the latest technologies available on the tradeshow floor, CanClean 2013 featured several education sessions. Those sessions saw a line up of speakers provide delegates with information on issues affecting the industry, such as infection prevention, green cleaning, sustainability and business practices.

In one session called Medical Waste Management—have you kept up-to-date?, Bill Yeo and Jean-Pierre Pepin of Stericycle provided information on current trends in medical waste management and addressed whether the industry has kept up with those trends.

Yeo addressed three issues with regards to biomedical waste: compliance, effects on the environment and cost containment. When faced with the choice to reduce, reuse or recycle waste, he said, reducing is the most sustainable option. Procurement departments should be involved in the process, he noted. Reuse is the next most sustainable option, he said. For example, furniture can be reused in another area or facility. Some hospitals are looking at reusing medical supplies that previously would have been discarded, he noted.

“Recycling is the least sustainable practice,” he noted. “If you look at (ways of) reducing, it would have the most environmental impact.”

During another session, entitled Protecting your most valuable asset—your staff, Elisha Lemoire, senior ergonomist at Options Incorporated detailed the core elements of a successful ergonomics strategy. The session looked at balancing the need to take reasonable precautions to protect workers with the need for a return on investment with regards to investing in ergonomics. Lemoire detailed the Clean Aware ergonomics program, designed to ensure workers are aware of risks within the workplace with education, techniques and strategies to work safely. A case study review during the presentation showed a 38-percent reduction in musculoskeletal injuries with custodial workers.

Products on display
The theme of this year’s show was “is clean really clean?” and, in keeping with the topic, there was no shortage of products on display on the tradeshow floor. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, for example, showcased its janitorial cleaning carts which the company says feature high-capacity storage and superior tool organization. Add the company’s wide range of accessories to create a more efficient cleaning system. Rubbermaid also showcased their line of recycling solutions. For example, the company’s high-capacity transport bins allow organizations to reduce handling while transporting large volumes of materials easily and efficiently, the company said. Rubbermaid containers are designed for central collection and transport solutions.

Avmor displayed products from its Ecopure line. That line includes the company’s EP50 Av-mixx Cleaner disinfectant, an oxidizing multi-purpose degreaser for hard, non-porous surfaces in industrial and institutional areas. The product is designed for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools and food service facilities.

Diversey had information on several of its products available, including Crew bathroom cleaner and scale remover. This mild acidic cleaner was developed for removal and prevention of soap scum and hard water deposits on bathroom fixtures, tiles, shower doors and other washable surfaces. As well, the company provided information on its Freedom SC stripper. The product is a powerful, fast-acting low foam formula that the company says bites through layers as soon as its applied.