StatsCan releases industrial product, raw materials index

October 29, 2010
by The Canadian Press

The Industrial Products Price Index increased 0.2 per cent in September, led mainly by primary metal products.

The Raw Materials Price Index declined 0.4 per cent, largely because of significantly lower prices for mineral fuels.

Statistics Canada reports the industrial gain was mainly led by primary metal products (up two per cent) and, to a lesser extent, by petroleum and coal products (0.5).

A 0.5 per cent decrease in prices for motor vehicles and other transportation equipment moderated the advance.

The industrial index up 1.4 per cent in September over a year earlier.

The agency says the drop in the raw materials index was led by lower prices for mineral fuels (down 3.3 per cent), particularly crude oil (down 3.7).

Higher prices for non-ferrous metals (up four per cent) and vegetable products (5.5) moderated the impact.

Compared with the same month a year earlier, the was up 5.8 per cent in September.

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