Solution connects healthcare suppliers with online trading community

Lets smaller businesses get an electronic, automated ordering process without large investments

July 9, 2012
by Purchasing b2b staff

LOUISVILLE, COLO: GHX has launched GHX WebDirect2, a web-to-electronic data interchange (EDI) solution enabling small- to mid-size healthcare suppliers without e-commerce capabilities to transact electronically with their provider customers through the GHX online trading exchange. According to the company, the system increases efficiency, reduces costs and helps them stay competitive.

With GHX WebDirect2, smaller businesses get an electronic, automated ordering process without major investments in equipment, technology or support staff. Healthcare providers send purchase orders (POs) directly from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) or materials management information systems (MMIS) through the GHX Exchange. Suppliers then use a web portal to view POs and respond with electronic purchase order acknowledgements, advance ship notices and invoices. With the direct download feature, a supplier can download POs in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or through a custom file format from the GHX WebDirect2 portal and upload the information into its internal systems, eliminating the need to re-key orders.

On the buy side, GHX WebDirect2 enables healthcare providers to use their internal systems and existing GHX Exchange connectivity to process orders from small- to mid-sized healthcare suppliers just as they would from larger suppliers directly integrated with the GHX Exchange, the company said. This provides them with a highly efficient and cost-effective single business process through which they can seamlessly transact electronically with both large and small suppliers alike. Providers can leverage GHX applications, such as Provider Intelligence and contract management solutions, to improve order and pricing accuracy, drive contract compliance and gain greater visibility into their purchases.

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