Siemens wins recognition for energy savings

June 26, 2009
by Purchasingb2b staff

Mississauga, Ont.—Siemens Building Technologies Ltd. has been given a Certificate of Recognition for its efforts to conserve electricity.

Siemens worked with the City of Timmins, Ontario to retrofit 59 municipal buildings. The total cost to implement the measures was just over $3.5 million, but the city is guaranteed an annual savings of $392,000.

Siemens will pay the difference if the cost savings fall short. Conversely, if the savings exceed expectations, the city can keep the money.

Since the guarantee period began in February 2008, the project has exceeded the guaranteed savings, yielding accumulated utility savings of more than $830,000 in its first full year.

The project included the replacement of old equipment with new high efficiency technologies such as lights, boilers, furnaces, and air conditioners. Lower maintenance costs and increased building occupant comfort levels have also been reported due to the new equipment.

In terms of greenhouse gas reductions, the city has already reduced its annual carbon footprint by more than 2,500 tonnes as a result of the project. It’s the equivalent of removing over 800 mid-sized cars from the roadways each year.

The certificate of recognition was presented by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

"They make it possible for otherwise cash-strapped institutions to undertake retrofits, renovations and equipment changes that will reduce energy use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save taxpayers money," said Peter Love, Ontario’s first chief energy conservation officer, with the OPA.

Photo caption: Meinrad Wagenschwanz (left) of Siemens, accepts the certificate from Peter Love of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).